Cardistry is the name given to the art of card flourishes. Although derived from fancy card handling by magicians, cardistry is not necessarily associated with their genre. Over the last ten years or so, it has developed into a separate art form that focuses on card artistry rather than slight of hand. So, whether or not you are interested in using playing cards for magic, you may find cardistry fun and challenging.

The popularity of cardistry continues to rise, thanks in part to the wide availability of instructional DVDs and Internet videos. Also, famous card experts like Dan and Dave Buck have popularized cardistry on television.

Bicycle cards are the most famous playing cards used for card flourishes. New designs developed by well-known magic publishers like Theory11 and Ellusionist have sparked interest in a wider range of dark, gothic and even whimsical variants of playing cards. The Bicycle Guardians and Steampunk playing cards are great examples of decks of cards intended for cardistry.