Specialty Decks for Your Favorite Playing Card Games

Posted by Mary on 2/28/2014 to Poker
Face cards are an important part of modern culture just as they have been for hundreds of years. Most people have probably played at least one card game with the familiar hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, even if the game was only War or Solitaire. Serious card players know that having high quality cards can enhance any card playing experience. Many games are played with specially manufactured cards.

Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em…

Posted by Mary on 2/27/2014 to Poker
With the introduction of various new video game consoles, computer games, or complex new board games seen in the retail world each year, the fun and enjoyment that you and your friends can get from a simple pack of playing cards is often overlooked. Yet as the fall in popularity of these new gaming options is often as meteoric as their rise, cards remain a consistent fixture in almost everyone’s gaming library.

Playing Cards for Any Game

Posted by Mary on 2/7/2014 to Playing Cards
Chances are good that you’ll never be bored as long as you have a pack of playing cards. Since their invention in China in the 9th century, playing cards have spread around the world and become the centerpiece in hundreds, if not thousands, of different games. We have a wide selection of different playing cards, optimized for playing your game of choice. Additionally, you can find a good selection of bridge tallies and other accessories to make playing easy.

4 Ideas for Family Game Night

Posted by Mary on 1/31/2014 to Playing Cards
One of the nights you and your family look forward to all week is Game Night. It’s a good time for you to all get together and share a few good laughs. Here are four great ways you and the kids can enjoy your evening.

Five reasons why people of all ages love card games

Posted by Dupree on 1/10/2014 to Playing Cards
It is hard to find things that people of all ages enjoy. This is true whether looking at sports, foods, or movies. One thing that many enjoy is cards. With card games, kids to grandparents can have a fun time and not have to take things too seriously. Here are five reasons why people of all ages love card games.

Canasta: The Basket Game Helps Players Learn Strategy

Posted by Mary on 1/8/2014 to Spanish Cards
Canasta, which is Spanish for the word basket, is a variant of Rummy 500. This game was created in 1939 by Segundo Santos and Alberto Serrato in Montevideo, Uruguay. Canasta quickly spread throughout South and Central America and then to the United States, where it was called Argentine Rummy. It became an American craze in the 1950s.

Four benefits of playing card games

Posted by Mary on 1/6/2014
When looking for a wholesome and fun activity, many struggle and do not have any ideas. This is natural as most people now sit in front of a computer or play a video game all the time. However, a family friendly and exciting thing to do is play cards. This is the perfect event for people who want to stay out of trouble yet still have some fun. With this in mind, here are four benefits of playing card games.

Why Do We Love Card Games?

Posted by Mary on 1/2/2014 to Poker
Card games have an ancient history, and new card games are being invested all the time. Whether we're playing simple solitaire games or intense games of bridge or poker, they have provided countless hours of entertainment for generations. Why have countless generations played card games and taught their children how to play? What is it about cards we love so much?

Bridge: Deeper Than You Think

Posted by Mary F on 12/31/2013 to Bridge
When most people think about complex games, their minds turn to chess. Chess is considered the game of intellectuals, and is it considered by many to be the deepest game around. Those with a more worldly view sometimes point to go, the popular board game in East Asia that is gaining recognition elsewhere. However, card players may have a trump card, so to speak, in the debate. Here are a few of the reasons why contract bridge, generally referred to as bridge, is such a deep, rich game.

Gin Rummy Tips and Tricks

Posted by Mary on 12/28/2013 to Playing Cards
Gin Rummy is one of the most popular card games in America; combining luck and skill to form a fairly simple game for beginners to learn. While the game is simple, it is not necessarily easy, and a novice player may find themselves quickly outmatched by an experienced Rummy player. For a player that understands how the game is played, but is looking for a few ways to improve their technique, this article will provide a few tips that will be helpful to any player.

It's in the Cards: Common Poker Myths

Posted by Mary on 10/30/2013 to Poker
Like most card games, poker is surrounded by myths about play styles, luck and your competitors. Recognizing these myths for what they are is a great start to finding success as a poker player. When you think about myths and base your games around them, it is more difficult to focus on actually playing.

Beating the Odds at Blackjack

Posted by Mary on 9/9/2013 to Playing Cards
If you are going to gamble in a casino, you have to understand one thing before you walk through the doors. Literally every game you play against the house, from Baccarat to Blackjack, from Craps to Keno, is designed to give the house an odds advantage. That advantage varies from game to game, so if you want a reasonable chance at winning and not losing, you should choose a game where the house advantage is as small as possible. The most popular of these close-odds games is Blackjack, where the house holds less than a one percent advantage over a player who understands the game and how to play the percentages.

How to Play Skip-Bo

Posted by Melissa on 7/31/2013 to Miscellaneous
Skip-Bo is a classically entertaining card game, suitable for 2-6 players. Although it is rather simple to play, a sense of clever strategic ability is required.

Playing Cards: Past to Present

Posted by Bryan on 7/30/2013 to Playing Cards
Playing cards have a long and storied history, with their earliest appearance taking the form of the "leaf game" of ancient China's Wei clan around the 9th century. Playing cards are considered to have been developed around the same time as the printing of paper sheets came around, proliferating across the rest of Asia around the 11th century.

3 Great Poker Strategies For Winning

Posted by Carlos on 7/29/2013 to Poker
Poker is arguably the most complex game ever invented by mankind. To truly master the game, you need highly refined math skills, a basic knowledge of behavioral psychology and nerves of titanium steel.

Faro: A Mostly Forgotten Game

Posted by Melissa on 6/22/2013 to Playing Cards
There are certain staples that any casino worth the title boasts. Poker, blackjack, slot machines and a roulette wheel are some of the more common sights, and a gambling hall that lacked even one of these might be considered something of a two-bit organization. While it's pretty rare to see a Faro game in any sort of facility today, there was a time that this card game was king in casinos from France to the Wild West. Nowadays though, it's rare to find someone that's even heard of it.

Playing Card Shuffling Tricks

Posted by Joe P on 6/6/2013 to Playing Cards
Card tricks are fun and whimsical ways to impress friends. Shuffling is a complex skill that uses a high level of hand-eye coordination combined with serious concentration. The best shufflers have the ability to transcend from a card shuffler to a true magician.

3 Fun Ways to Try Poker

Posted by Melissa on 6/4/2013 to Poker
Poker is one of the most popular gambling card games. It is a game that is easy to learn and playable in informal settings, on-line, and at local casinos and card-rooms, as well as in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. There are variations on the game, with different rules and strategies. It is not always who has the best hand but who has the best poker face.

Learning the Baraja - A Look at Spanish Playing Cards

Posted by Bryan on 3/8/2013 to Spanish Cards
The Spanish Deck is called Baraja in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. It has four suits but generally has only 40 cards instead of the traditional 52 found in the Anglo-American French decks of cards.

World's Best Playing Cards for the World's Best Poker Players

Posted by Bryan on 2/28/2013 to Poker
Whether you're looking for top quality decks printed on rich card stocks with an excellent "hand feel", or durable plastic decks, you've come to the right place. We offer all of these and more for individual purchase and for wholesale buyers.

Fournier Playing Cards: The World's Premier Playing Card

Posted by Joe on 2/22/2013
Used by the biggest names in the casino industry in famous gambling spots like Monte Carlo, Fournier playing cards are easily recognized by their intense colors, unusual designs and the sheer quality that goes into their manufacture.

Real Card Players Need Plastic Playing Cards

Posted by Joe on 2/7/2013
There's a reason the world's finest casinos choose plastic playing cards: plastic playing cards are better.

A Brief History of the Tarot

Posted by Mel on 1/31/2013
Tarot cards were first seen in Europe in the 15th century, but possibly had a large Egyptian influence. These cards were made to represent philosophical, social, astrological and heraldic ideas as well as heroes of the time.

Fournier Playing Cards: Supplier to Monte Carlo Casino

Posted by Bryan on 1/24/2013 to Playing Cards
Fournier cards, produced in Spain, have a reputation as the world's finest playing cards. The Fournier company has gone to great pains to make sure their cards are top of the line in design, materials and even longevity.

Fournier Cards Were Made for Playing (Bridge!)

Posted by Bryan on 1/20/2013
An impromptu game of Bridge is a fun way to pass the time if you find yourself with nothing to do. You just grab some friends, pull out your Fournier Bridge cards, and start playing. Pick your partner and let the bidding begin. If one of your friends happens to be new to the game, it is not a problem.