Bicycle Cards

Bicycle playing cards have been made continuously since 1885. One of the first brands of the business that became the U.S. Playing Card Company, Bicycle cards are the most recognized brand of playing cards in the United States. Their name harks back to a time when bicycles were a craze and every young man and woman longed for a romantic bike ride. 

Bicycle cards are ubiquitous in America. Every home seems to have one. They were used in World War Two as the famous spotter cards. And they played a role in Vietnam when the aces were dispersed by U.S. troops to frighten a superstitious enemy. Bike cards, as they sometimes are known, can be found from college fraternities to  bridge clubs to casinos. 

In recent years, Bicycle cards have evolved to include a variety of styles. Advertising card decks for Coca Cola and other famous brands have given way to the wildly popular Alchemy of England cards. Some of these, like the Bicycle Guardians, started as custom playing cards for magic shops. 

Whether you play bridge or poker, canasta or euchre, you will find a Bicycle card that works for you. If you collect playing cards, then Playing Cards and Games is a great source for hard-to-find Bicycle playing cards like the new Anne Stokes deck. Buy them here now.