Support Our Troops

Over the years, our company and its predecessor have been pleased to support our troops, mainly through donations of playing cards to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. We received numerous requests during the war for "anything we could spare" and we particularly were proud that we could send them the world's best plastic playing cards.  We also printed t-shirts that they used in tournaments. We did not realize how important these were to the men and women serving overseas until we received notes explaining that they helped provide recognition and take their minds off the stress of duty.

Now that the war is winding down, we would like to highlight that the U.S. Playing Card Company has released the Wounded Warrior Project playing cards. These special Bicycle cards not only feature their famous quality, but a donation is made to this charity for each deck sold. Whichever your views are on the recent conflicts, please do not confuse the war with the warriors. Please consider supporting our veterans as a tribute to the best qualities of all American, regardless of where they came from and how they served their country.