Playing Cards for Any Game

Posted by Mary on 2/7/2014 to Playing Cards
Chances are good that you’ll never be bored as long as you have a pack of playing cards. Since their invention in China in the 9th century, playing cards have spread around the world and become the centerpiece in hundreds, if not thousands, of different games. We have a wide selection of different playing cards, optimized for playing your game of choice. Additionally, you can find a good selection of bridge tallies and other accessories to make playing easy.

4 Ideas for Family Game Night

Posted by Mary on 1/31/2014 to Playing Cards
One of the nights you and your family look forward to all week is Game Night. It’s a good time for you to all get together and share a few good laughs. Here are four great ways you and the kids can enjoy your evening.

Five reasons why people of all ages love card games

Posted by Dupree on 1/10/2014 to Playing Cards
It is hard to find things that people of all ages enjoy. This is true whether looking at sports, foods, or movies. One thing that many enjoy is cards. With card games, kids to grandparents can have a fun time and not have to take things too seriously. Here are five reasons why people of all ages love card games.

Gin Rummy Tips and Tricks

Posted by Mary on 12/28/2013 to Playing Cards
Gin Rummy is one of the most popular card games in America; combining luck and skill to form a fairly simple game for beginners to learn. While the game is simple, it is not necessarily easy, and a novice player may find themselves quickly outmatched by an experienced Rummy player. For a player that understands how the game is played, but is looking for a few ways to improve their technique, this article will provide a few tips that will be helpful to any player.

Beating the Odds at Blackjack

Posted by Mary on 9/9/2013 to Playing Cards
If you are going to gamble in a casino, you have to understand one thing before you walk through the doors. Literally every game you play against the house, from Baccarat to Blackjack, from Craps to Keno, is designed to give the house an odds advantage. That advantage varies from game to game, so if you want a reasonable chance at winning and not losing, you should choose a game where the house advantage is as small as possible. The most popular of these close-odds games is Blackjack, where the house holds less than a one percent advantage over a player who understands the game and how to play the percentages.

How to Play Skip-Bo

Posted by Melissa on 7/31/2013 to Miscellaneous
Skip-Bo is a classically entertaining card game, suitable for 2-6 players. Although it is rather simple to play, a sense of clever strategic ability is required.

Playing Cards: Past to Present

Posted by Bryan on 7/30/2013 to Playing Cards
Playing cards have a long and storied history, with their earliest appearance taking the form of the "leaf game" of ancient China's Wei clan around the 9th century. Playing cards are considered to have been developed around the same time as the printing of paper sheets came around, proliferating across the rest of Asia around the 11th century.

Faro: A Mostly Forgotten Game

Posted by Melissa on 6/22/2013 to Playing Cards
There are certain staples that any casino worth the title boasts. Poker, blackjack, slot machines and a roulette wheel are some of the more common sights, and a gambling hall that lacked even one of these might be considered something of a two-bit organization. While it's pretty rare to see a Faro game in any sort of facility today, there was a time that this card game was king in casinos from France to the Wild West. Nowadays though, it's rare to find someone that's even heard of it.

Playing Card Shuffling Tricks

Posted by Joe P on 6/6/2013 to Playing Cards
Card tricks are fun and whimsical ways to impress friends. Shuffling is a complex skill that uses a high level of hand-eye coordination combined with serious concentration. The best shufflers have the ability to transcend from a card shuffler to a true magician.

Fournier Playing Cards: Supplier to Monte Carlo Casino

Posted by Bryan on 1/24/2013 to Playing Cards
Fournier cards, produced in Spain, have a reputation as the world's finest playing cards. The Fournier company has gone to great pains to make sure their cards are top of the line in design, materials and even longevity.

Poker Game

Posted by Mel on 12/4/2012 to Playing Cards
For poker fans, one of the great things about the game is that you can adjust the rules and play a large number of variations of the game. This means all you need is a pack of Fournier poker cards and some imagination to host your own home poker night.

Riddle me this...

Posted by Mel on 12/2/2012 to Playing Cards
Here is a great card-related riddle you can play with your friends and family. If you or the person(s) you are telling it too are card aficionados, then all the better.

Bicycle Archangels Playing Cards Now Available

Posted by Bryan on 10/12/2012 to Playing Cards
We are pleased to introduce the new Bicycle Archangels playing cards. The latest collaboration between Bicycle cards and theory11 promises to be another hit with cardistry practictioners and playing card collectors.

The Meaning of Card Suits

Posted by Mel on 9/28/2012 to Playing Cards
The suit symbols on playing cards have an origin not widely known to many. Playing cards today use French suit symbols, though it was not always this way. When playing cards entered Europe around the mid 1300s the suit system then were Swords, Rods, Coins, and Cups.

Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Poker Face

Posted by Bryan on 9/13/2012 to Playing Cards
Part of the fun of a great card game like poker is the bluff. You need to be able to hold off the other players and stay in the game, even if you have less-than-stellar cards.

Types of Regional Playing Cards

Posted by Mel on 9/13/2012 to Playing Cards
Regional playing cards typically do not follow the English pattern that most card players are familiar with. The English pattern is what typically is referred to as a poker or bridge deck of cards with fifty-two playing cards (plus generally a couple of jokers). Regional playing cards are used to play traditional games that generally are popular within a country's region or among immigrants from those regions. They differ substantially from English pattern playing cards.

New Bicycle Cards by Ellusionist

Posted by Administrator on 8/27/2012 to Playing Cards is pleased to add three new decks of cards by Ellusionist, one of the leading suppliers of playing cards for cardistry and magic. These are genuine Bicycle cards made by the U.S. Playing Card Company.

Playing Cards Can Be Fun

Posted by Joe P. on 8/27/2012 to Playing Cards
You don't need to have a mobile gaming device to spend time with friends and have an enjoyable evening. One of the longest lasting and oldens gaming systems is probably located somewhere in your home, and even if not, doesn't cost more than a few dollars to purchase. With cards, you're able to play literally thousands of different games, either on your own or with friends. These games are perfect for any time, anywhere, and can be used by any age group.

Playing Cards Are An Inexpensive Teaching Tool

Posted by Bryan on 6/29/2012 to Playing Cards
Even if you are fairly relaxed in the parenting department you still want to help your kids develop the skills necessary to do well in a classroom setting. There are numerous ways that you can encourage a child's love of learning at home. Use playing cards, recipes and magazines as inexpensive teaching tools when you want to help your children become better students.

Shopping Guide for Plastic Playing Cards

Posted by Bryan on 6/27/2012 to Playing Cards
Way back when the first playing cards were being made, they were made out of paper. Today we continue to make playing cards out of paper and some are coated in plastic to make them last longer. The benefit of pure plastic cards is that they last much longer than your regular playing cards.

Playing Cards for Family Fun (and Learning!)

Posted by Bryan on 5/24/2012 to Playing Cards
Although playing cards have provided families with entertainment for millennia, it can still be surprising to discover just how quickly a simple deck of cards can turn family night into a fun-filled occasion. Leave a deck of playing cards on the dining room table or on the living room coffee table, and it doesn’t take long before someone is building a house of cards, playing a game of solitaire or engaged in a fierce battle of "War!"

All About Playing Cards

Posted by David Russell on 3/6/2012 to Playing Cards
Playing cards have been around for a very long time. The earliest recorded playing cards were in 9th century China. They have been an integral part of civilization since their inception, coming in various shapes and forms and used for a variety of purposes.