Fournier Kukuxumusu Spanish Playing Cards
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Fournier Kukuxumusu Spanish Playing Cards

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Genuine Fournier Spanish Playing Cards


40 card deck with Spanish suits


Playful Kukuxumusu graphics


Packaged in a cardboard tuckbox


Made in Spain

Kukuxumusu is a Spanish company that is famous the world over for its playful images of bulls and other characters drawn from the running of the bulls in Pamplona. As Fournier is located in the Basque Country, the home of the San Fermin festival where the running of the bulls takes place, the Kukuxumusu bull and friends are a natural match for a traditional deck of Spanish playing cards. The deck includes 40 cards with red backs, packaged in a cardboard tuckbox. Buy real Spanish playing cards now and keep your traditions alive from generation to generation.

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Fournier Kukuxumusu Spanish Playing Cards

The Spanish playing card company Fournier and the Spanish clothing designer Kukuxumusu joined forces to create an extraordinary deck of cards that celebrates Spanish history. Fournier is a card manufacturer that has been in business for nearly 150 years. Even though Fournier is owned by the United States Playing Card Company, they continue to maintain their own base of operations out of Vitoria, Spain.

Kukuxumusu, which means “flea kiss” in Basque, is famous for their graphics which are based on the bull runs in Pamplona. However, they add their own humorous twists. Instead of the bulls chasing people along the streets, the bulls may be depicted chasing humans across the ocean with snorkels. These special playing cards will leave you playing and laughing at the same time.   

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