Fournier 1-50 Spanish Playing Cards (Blue)

Fournier 1-50 Spanish Playing Cards (Blue)

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Genuine Fournier Spanish Playing Cards


50 card deck with Spanish suits


Geometric back design in blue


Packaged in a cardboard tuckbox


Made in Spain

Anyone who’s big into recreational gaming knows that playing cards aren’t just playing cards, and that when it comes to specialty games, having a good set of cards contributes to the overall sense of enjoyment felt by all. Those wanting to spice up their game nights with a little Spanish flair should consider a Fournier 1-50 Spanish Playing Cards, also called barajas.

What Are Barajas?  

The Fournier 1-50 baraja comes with a geometric back design done in blue. Featuring 50 cards (including eights, nines, and jokers), the Fournier baraja is divided into the traditional four suits referencing the cards’ Spanish origin, with coins representing merchants, clubs representing peasants, cups representing the Church, and swords the military. 

Traditional Spanish Card Games

Games that can be played using Fournier Spanish playing cards include: 

·         Mus

·         Brisca

·         Tute

·         Guinote

·         Truco

·         Escoba

Even those unfamiliar with Spanish and Latin American card games will find hours of enjoyment with their own Fournier baraja. Learning its games can help one connect with his or her Hispanic friends and neighbors while also learning some of the origins of America’s popular contemporary card games.

Give your next game night an authentic Spanish feel by with your own Fournier 1-50 Spanish Playing Cards. At Playing Cards and Games, we have the widest inventory of gaming products you can find. To see what else we offer aside from the Fournier baraja, simply browse through our online inventory.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to The State Of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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